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In Being Brave


As women we all stare in the mirror, finding flaws.  Flaws and insecurities that often limit our potential.

Accepting yourself is a journey which can only be undertaken by you and God.  For me, this journey only started two years ago… I was stuck owning a business where I got lost between bills, stress, finances and so much more. Being a women is not easy.

My (dream) business was liquidated… It left me devastated with huge debt and a feeling like a total failure. I had finally hit rock bottom and it was here where God took my hand and we started this journey together. I was about to find my true purpose and worth.

I was NOT ready to start another business, but the Lord kept on knocking and one morning I had the revelation of my life… and Five and Two Solutions was born.  

I did not understand the significance of the name but it quickly became clear… The Lord multiplied 5 loaves of bread and two fish to feed a group of more than 5000 people.  I realized that He can do this for us in our personal lives and especially business! Five also represents GRACE – a favor freely available to anyone.  Two represents AGREEMENT – where two or more gather in prayer the Lord will hear them.

During this journey I came into alignment with my true authentic self and accepting my purpose – Helping Female Entrepreneurs to rise up in all aspects of their lives. 

So do I have any special degrees? NO… But God qualified me in my darkest hour! 

I have always been creative and basically had to figure everything about the online world myself – and know I can assist YOU to bring your business to life with a wide variety of online solutions for Female Entrepreneurs.

What You Need To Know